Saturday, February 15, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Benefits- AAA DUCT CLEANING

 Your carpet is basically a sponge that absorbs and holds mostly anything that it comes into contact with. Dirt, stains, and  odors can all attach  to your carpet. In this article I want to shed light on the benefits of getting your carpet cleaned by a professional.

  Carpets go through the rigorous traffic of our homes. They are stepped on by animals and humans alike,  but the question is are carpets safe and do dirty carpets affect my homes indoor air quality? I really don't have the answer for that but we can simulate in our  imaginations what it's like to be a carpet. 

For example,  a family of four with the dog traversing on a carpet for year or more will in most cases manifest high traffic stains, pet odors, pet stains, and an overall abused look. We can all imagine a child coming indoors from playing outside. the child's shoes and clothing may discard debris and other allergens throughout the carpet. Visualize a potty trained dog that just couldn't make it to the doggie door that moment. Urine has now penetrated the carpet and has caused a slight odor. As you can see our carpet has gone through a lot in the past year. So, built-up debris and allergens may cause issues with indoor air quality. 

 The benefits of having professionally cleaned carpets are as follows:

  •  High traffic stain removal
  •  Pet stain removal
  •  Pet odor removal
  •  Dust mite reduction
  •  Allergen and debris removal
  •  The rejuvenation of the carpet itself
 The cost of carpet cleaning is small compared to the benefits gained from a professional carpet cleaning. for as low as $25 a room a homeowner can have their whole house professionally steam cleaned without breaking the bank and gaining all the benefits of quality indoor air and a clean new looking carpet.

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