Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why do I need my Air Ducts Cleaned San Antonio

Why do I need my air ducts cleaned?

Your duct system is comprised of pathways, these pathways provide a way for conditioned air to be delivered into your home. Your air ducts can be made of flex duct, sheet metal, or duct board. The newly conditioned air is moved along the ductwork by a blower motor which is usually housed in the air handler after or before the evaporator coil. A filter is usually placed before the blower motor. The filters responsible for filtering any debris that enters the return. When the filter is not filtering properly it can allow dirt, dust, and allergens into the system causing the blower motor to circulate the debris throughout the house.

Signs that your air ducts need cleaning San Antonio

  • Dust build up on furniture
  •  Dust and debris buildup on vents and registers
  •  Allergic reactions such as sneezing
  •   Insufficient airflow
 By having your air ducts cleaned it can help reduce allergies, dust buildup, and increase airflow to your home. Call or visit AAA DUCT CLEANING, LLC.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dryer Fire Prevention And Signs of a Blocked Dryer Vent

 Dryer fire prevention

To most new homeowners dryer vent cleaning is new and unknown. It's an habitual thing just to push the start button on the dryer and have it dry the clothes, but there are some hidden dangers when using the dryer. To work properly a dryer must exhaust excess heat, lint, and moisture. If the dryer duct is not cleaned routinely in your home then it will become blocked and your clothes will not dry properly.

Signs of a blocked dryer vent

 Longer than normal drying cycles.
 Heating element burned out.
Damp clothing.
 Humid laundry room.

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