Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why Do Dryer Fires Happen and How to Protect Your Home by AAA Duct Cleaning of San Antonio

 How Do Dryer Fires Start

 Let's begin by looking at your dryer and the components that are inside. There are two types of ways that dryers dry clothing. Dryers either use a gas ignition system such as a gas furnace or an electric heating element similar to an electric heater. Both types of dryers produce a significant amount of heat which must be removed by an exhaust system which is called the dryer vent duct. Within the dryer there is a blower motor that helps remove heat, condensation, and lint from inside of the dryer through the dryer vent duct. When a blockage of the dryer duct occurs lint will accumulate inside of the dryer vent duct and within the dryer itself. During operation the heating element or gas ignition system will still ignite and create a substantial amount of heat. This heat in combination with the accumulation of lint may result in the lint igniting causing the dryer to catch fire.

 Dryer Fire Prevention

 Dryer fire prevention is probably one of the most important home maintenance tasks a homeowner can do. To properly maintain your dryer a dryer vent cleaning and inspection of the dryer vent duct, dryer vent cap, transition duct, and dryer must be done annually. It is recommended that this process be done by a professionally trained technician so that all components are checked and cleaned correctly and are working efficiently once every year.  Furthermore, making sure the transition duct is made of a semi rigid material is recommended because of its fire containment properties which will help protect your home if a dryer fire should occur.

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