Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dryer Vent Cleaning San Antonio

  How often should I have my dryer vent cleaning

 Dryer vent cleaning is a maintenance task that a professional dryer vent cleaning company offers customers. Dryer vent cleaning helps to remove lint and debris buildup inside of the dryer vent duct.This lint and debris buildup removal helps to restore ventilation back to the dryer resulting in faster dry times and better energy efficiency of the appliance. Dryer vent cleaningHim and should be done experts say at least once a year and filter traps should be examined and cleaned before use of the dryer.

 How much does dryer vent cleaning cost

 Dryer vent cleaning is a process done by a professional dryer vent cleaning company. The dryer vent cleaning process includes checking the transition duct, removing all lint and debris from the inside of the duct, and inspection of the dryer vent duct, pressure test, and rodent entry evaluation. The average cost for dryer vent cleaning can range from 89 to 150 dollars depending on which company and the  length of the dryer vent run.

 Is it true that my dryer can catch fire

 Some individuals think that this is a myth but it is a factual event that occurs daily in the United States. Dryer fires occur when there is an abundance of lint that has accumulated inside of the duct and around electrical connections within the dryer resulting in excessive heat causing a dryer fire.

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