Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Air Conditioning and Air Duct Annual Check Ups are Important

 Why have your air conditioning system checked annually?

 Having your air conditioning system checked annually can prevent future issues and save the homeowner time and money. Annual air-conditioning system checkups will also keep the air conditioner running properly for more years than a poorly maintenance system resulting in longevity and worry free operation. In addition, most air-conditioning system checkups consist of refrigerant charge checks, AC drain clearing, and a thorough electrical system check. Furthermore, the air-conditioning system coils are cleaned and the fins are straightened thus helping with efficiency and proper operation and airflow.

 Having your air conditioning system checked annually can reveal issues early so that the homeowner will not have to deal with them during high temperature peak months. This is important because the homeowner does not want the air conditioner broken down when the outside ambient temperature is above 100° degrees. Annual checkups will reveal a issue early and that problem can be addressed then in there without much downtime. In addition, most HVAC companies provide discounted rates when they are under an annual maintenance contract with an HVAC company. This can be very beneficial when a major repair is needed such as a leaky evaporator coil or compressor burnout which can be very expensive repairs.

 In addition, to having the air-conditioning system checked annually your air duct system should also be checked and cleaned every two – three years. The reason for this is to ensure proper airflow to all supply ducts and that there are no damaged ducts within the duct system. Having properly sealed and insulated air ducts is very important because of the heat transfer between the duct and the hot attic air. For instance, when the air is conditioned and circulated back to the AC system it must travel through the ducts and in most cases the ducts are in a non-conditioned location resulting in higher temperatures surrounding the ductwork. These higher temperatures can drop the conditioned supply air tempuratures down if the ductwork is not properly insulated and sealed resulting in higher system runtimes and higher energy bills. So having the air ducts properly sealed and insulated can and will save energy and provide with a more efficient air-conditioning system as a whole.

 The use of proper filters and air duct cleaning can prevent dirty evaporator coils and reduce allergens throughout the home. Since the indoor air is circulated on a constant basis dirt and debris is also circulated through the system, so a pleated filter should be used in conjunction with proper air duct cleaning techniques to help prevent accumulation of debris, dirt, and other pollutants.

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  2. Is there anything specific that I can check myself annually? That way I know what to look for if I need someone to come out I don't have to wait until it's too late. I would hate for something to happen that brings down my property value.

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  8. I'll agree with you that it is important to have regular checkups for your HVAC unit and also the vents. Over time, dust and dirt will accumulate in the vents. Keeping them clean is important since allergens can get trapped in the ducts; turn the air on in winter and oh look it's allergy season. It doesn't matter if it your home or business, you should regularly clean your air ducts.

  9. I didn't know that dirt filled air vents could cause your A/C to not work. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. The air can't get through all that dirt, so the air isn't going to come out of the vents. Then your home isn't going to get that air flow, and it's not going to be nearly as cool.

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