Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Air Duct Sealing Benefits

 Hi, my name is Daryle Wattson and I wanted to touch bases on the subject of air duct sealing. Air duct sealing is the process of ensuring all ductwork is physically without  air leaks resulting in optimal airflow through all supply ducts.Air duct sealing should be performed by an experienced  HVAC technician.

 An example of a home that may need air duct sealing is as follows:
  •  Rooms experiencing low to no airflow
  •  Colder than normal rooms[in heating mode]
  •  Warmer than normal rooms[in cooling mode]
  •  Old ductwork
  •  New System Installation
  •  Low CFM
  The benefits of air duct sealing can be apparent through lowered energy bills due to the cooling or heating of an area quicker.  Since properly sealed air ducts do not allow air to leak the conditioned air will be directed into the spaces that are in need of cooled or heated air. Proper air duct sealing increases the airflow to the space, which increases the CFM causing the room to be conditioned faster and more efficient. Sealing old ductwork will help reduce air leaks and improve system efficiency, which will reduce energy bills on a monthly basis  saving the homeowner money.

 Replacing old ductwork and improving the R-value of the insulation will greatly improve the system's efficiency. By improving the R-value of the insulation around your ductwork ensures the conditioned air stays at the conditioned temperature longer as it travels through the ductwork. An example of a poor R-value insulated duct is one were the 70 degree conditioned air has cooled as it travels through the poorly insulated duct. A homeowner does not want this, the homeowner wants the conditioned air to stay as close to the desired  temperature as possible resulting in a properly operating duct system.

 San Antonio residents interested in air duct sealing contact AAA Duct Cleaning 210-390-5075.

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