Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Benefits of Having Your Chimney Cleaned During Winter Months- [By AAA Duct Cleaning San Antonio]

Having your chimney cleaned has many benefits to you the homeowner. A properly operating chimney is very important during the winter months. Having a professional clean and inspect your chimney will ensure proper operation and safety of the chimney. 

The benefits of having your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional are as follows:

  •  Proper creosote removal that reduces chimney fire ignition.
  •  Proper damper operation.
  •  Proper draft of the chimney.
  •  Chimney Mortar and firebox inspection.
  •  Proper chimney Installation and operation to keep rodents and harsh weather outside.
 The items above are just an example of the benefits of having your chimney cleaned by a professional. Proper creosote removal reduces the chances of chimney fires,  which is one of the greatest benefits a chimney sweep offers. Creosote is the byproduct of wood burning. The creosote lines the inside of the firebox and flue and is highly combustible so cleaning the firebox and flue helps prevent possible accidental combustion of creosote buildup.

 Proper damper operation is a benefit a professional chimney sweep offers and ensures that when the chimney is not in operation a barrier is operational to prevent the loss of conditioned air inside the home from escaping. A proper operational damper is important for home energy efficiency.

 a properly drafting chimney is very important when burning logs in the chimney. Smoke from a newly ignited fire needs to be drafted to the outside. A poorly drafting chimney will allow smoke to Balogh into the living space causing smoke damage. Having a properly sized flue to firebox is very important and a professional chimney sweep will inspect that for the homeowner giving peace of mind that everything is safe.

 The mortar in your firebox and the chimney must be maintained to ensure proper safety. A poorly maintained firebox can be a fire hazard due to large cracks in the firebox mortar. A professional chimney sweep will inspect your firebox and chimney to make sure it is safe for operation.

 Proper chimney installation and operation is vital to keep rain and other harsh weather outside. In addition, a chimney prevents rodents and birds from entering the home. Having a professional chimney sweep inspect and check that your chimney is correctly installed can save the homeowner time and money.

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