Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Can Cause My Dryer Vent To Become Clogged?

As the owner and operator of  AAA Duct Cleaning a lot of homeowners ask me about their dryer vent issues. One of those issues or questions is what could possibly cause my dryer vent to become blocked. My response is usually it could be a number of different things that can cause the dryer to not work properly and the dryer vent to become blocked.

Possible causes for a dryer vent blockage:

  •  Birds nest: a bird may have nested in the dryer vent causing a complete blockage of the dryer vent exhaust.
  • Lack of maintenance: a dryer vent that has never been cleaned will accumulate enough lint to cause a blockage of the dryer vent exhaust.
  •  A deceased rodent: a rodent that has gotten stuck in the dryer vent will completely block the dryer vent exhaust causing your dryer not to work properly.
  •  A broken or bent dryer vent: a broken or bent dryer vent may accumulate enough lint in the area of the break or bend and cause a complete blockage of the dryer vent exhaust.
  •  Extremely long  dryer vent: a very long run of dryer vent exhaust piping needs to be maintained on a regular basis since the lint has such a long way to travel to exit the dryer vent. If not maintained on a regular basis a complete blockage can occur.

 Signs that the dryer vent exhaust is clogged:

  •  Dryers will not work properly and frequently well ruin heating elements and blow thermal fuses within the appliance resulting in costly repairs.
  •  Condensation or water spots on ceilings or water backing up into the transition duct.
  • Humid laundry areas resulting from poor removal of condensation and heat.

 Having your dryer vent inspected and cleaned annually will prevent costly appliance repairs, possible fire hazards, and higher electric bills. Contacting a professional dryer vent cleaning company that has the expertise and equipment to clean your dryer vent thoroughly will save the homeowner money and will give them peace of mind that their appliance will work regularly.

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