Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Cleaning

Air-Conditioning Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Optimal Efficiency

 Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning is very important to maintain a properly operating HVAC system. An Hvac system has several components that must be regularly maintained so that the system may perform at its rated capacity. AC system maintenance is important during hot summer days to help cool down the indoor living space and this provides a level of comfort to inhabitants. If an AC system is not routinely maintained the system may cause problems.

 Symptoms of a Poorly Maintained Air Conditioning System

  •  Higher electric bills
  •  System cycling on and off
  •  HVAC system not cooling to set temperature
  •  Hot and cold spots

 When properly maintained the AC system will provide comfort and years of carefree operation to the owner but yearly checkups and system maintenance must be performed.

 HVAC System Maintenance

  •  Evaporator coil cleaning and condenser coil cleaning
  •  HVAC operating refrigerant charge check
  •  HVAC electrical component check
  •  Air duct cleaning and Blower motor cleaning
  •  Airflow check
  •  Air duct inspection

 A properly maintained air conditioning system will provide efficient use of energy resulting in lower electric bills and faster conditioning of the indoor air. Finding a contractor that will provide an affordable maintenance program for your system and budget will make all the difference when hot weather comes to your town.

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