Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Are The Benefits of Carpet Sanitizing

What is Carpet Sanitizing?

  Carpet sanitizing is the process of disinfecting your carpet. This process involves the use of a disinfectant or sanitizer in conjunction with steam cleaning to help reduce or eliminate bacteria, viruses, and potential allergens from a carpet. There are many ways to sanitize or disinfect a carpet.

The Best Way to Sanitize Your Carpet

 The best way to sanitize and clean your carpet is to use a professional carpet cleaning company that utilizes steam cleaning or hot water extraction equipment.In addition to hot water extraction equipment the carpet cleaning company will also use a quality disinfectant or sanitizer when cleaning the carpets resulting in reduced allergens, dust mites, and bacteria within the carpet.

Your Home Needs More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

  Vacuum cleaning your carpet alone will not improve your indoor air quality. Although vacuuming does help remove dirt and debris from your carpet it will not kill bacteria within it. A routine disinfectant or sanitizing process should be implemented along with hot water extraction cleaning a.k.a. steam cleaning to help improve indoor air quality.

 Why Do Carpets Attract So Much Dirt and Allergens

 Your carpet attracts dirt and allergens from a variety of different avenues. The most common vehicle of dirt and allergen transmission would be shoes. When routinely traversing through the home the inhabitants walk outside and come back in carrying debris and irritates into the indoor environment. In addition, open windows let small pieces of debris into the indoor living space and at this point the carpet acts as a huge filter siphoning up all the debris that comes into the home resulting in a dirtier carpet.

 The Benefits of Steam Cleaning and Carpet Sanitizing/ Disinfecting

  •  Indoor Air Quality Improves
  •  Reduction of Allergens and Irritants
  •  Dust Mite Eradication
  •  Odor Elimination
  •  Increases Carpet Longevity
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