Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Choose the Proper Filter For My Air Conditioner or Hvac System

 What do Air-Conditioning Filters Do?

 Air-conditioning filters protect vital system components inside of your air handler. These components consist of your evaporator coil, blower motor, and heat exchanger. Without proper filtration debris, dirt,  viruses, and bacteria can be spread throughout the home. Furthermore, the lack of a proper filter will cause your indoor air quality to be poor so it is very important to have a quality filter placed within your air conditioning system.

 What are the types of filters?

  • Disposable fiberglass: ” Created from 1″-thick spun fiberglass, it does little more than prevent larger particles like dust, lint, and debris from gunking up your system. 

Pros: Very inexpensive, good for renters and those without allergies or asthma
Cons: Has little to no effect on cleaning the air
  • Pleated Filters:  pleated filters are capable of filtering up to 50% of airborne impurities. Although pleated filters are moderately priced they have the capability of lasting up to 90 days.These filters are typically made from a specially made paper or fiber that is mounted into a frame with approximate 1 inch pleats.
Pros: Can remove some small particles like spores and mites
  • Electrostatic Filters: Electrostatic filters use static electricity to filter particulates from the air. These filters contain self-charging cotton fibers that attract particles. Permanent options have  a removable, machine-washable filter that can be removed and reused for six to eight years. 

    Pros: Little waste, more effective than pleated; a good option if you use a popular size
  • Hepa FiltersHepa filters are 99.97 % dust spot efficient by the old ASHRAE Standard 52.1.   They are for particles smaller than .30 microns( bacteria and large virus).
 Indoor Air Quality and Air Filters.

 Choosing the right filter is vital for improving indoor air quality. Using a quality pleated filter, electrostatic filter, or HEPA filter will help maintain a lower particulate parts per million in your indoor air. For individuals with allergies a disposable fiberglass filter will not be the best choice since fiberglass filters are just made to filter large particles. HEPA filters would be the best choice for people with allergies since this particular filter has the filtration capacity of .30 ยต(microns)  and 99.97% dust spot efficiency. In addition, maintaining your system and changing your filters regularly will improve your system's efficiency and indoor air quality while keeping vital system components inside your air handler clean and debris free.

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