Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How Much Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

 How Do Air Duct Cleaning Companies Charge For Air Duct Cleaning?

 Air duct cleaning companies charge for air duct cleaning services by either one of two ways.
 The first is by square footage of the commercial or residential building. By knowing the square footage of the building an air duct cleaning company can determine the amount of time and labor that they should charge. So, the bigger the building or residence the more labor and time it will take the air duct cleaning company to complete the job. As a result, higher estimates will be given to bigger square footage homes and buildings than others.

 The second way an air duct cleaning company will determine the cost of air duct cleaning for a residence is by how many vents are needed to be cleaned in the home. In most cases a flat rate will be charged for the number of vents that are needed to be cleaned, if that number exceeds the flat rate number of vents then additional charges per vent will be added on top of the flat rate. Again, like the square footage method the more vents a home has the more time and labor intensive it will be to complete the air duct cleaning resulting in a higher estimate.

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